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Typical client profiles

Client stories

Our clients have realized their current setup has a potential to do more for them. They seek true independent data-driven advisory, an institutional approach and opportunity set to choose from. These are some of the main reasons for partnering with Kh Investment Partner.  


From HNWI to SFO

We had worked with a private bank for many years. After having spend time with Kasper, it was clear we were not realizing our full potential. Now we have a long term strategy in place, with significantly reduced costs and improved results with lower risk level. 

Now, we are on the path to setup our own family office to educate next generation, with Kh Investment Partner as our advisor.  

From retail-investor to professional HNWI

I had a liquidity-event and felt a need for independent advisory in the current market. I decided to partner with Kh Investment Partner. An investment strategy was designed from my personal preferences. I had a lot of ideas, but Kasper had very deep insight in every aspect and helped me navigate to get better terms and in some cases  better alternatives. I really like the attention to detail and depth of due diligence provided by Kh Investment Partner which makes me able to do better informed investment decisions. 


Establishment of a single family office

We needed to secure and pass on the wealth that we ourselves had created to the next unborn generation. That was the plan. We simply did not know how to solve the task optimally and fumbled for several years. Our children were young and inexperienced in financial management and we did not want them to fall into the "hammock." KH Investment Partner helped us with the start-up of our family office and introduced us all to the financial mindset. Our grown up children, in particular, were taken under the knowledgeable and educational wings of KH Investment Partners and are now active, curious and skilled decision makers. In KH Investment Partner, our entire family has gained a confidential and impartial competence as a sparring partner, whom we confidently consult in all financial and economic matters. KH Investment Partner has worked with us on our terms and has created a joint strategic cohesion in the family in the finest way: "we now agree on what is needed in order for us to solve the task of securing the wealth for several generations to come... "


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