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What we do




Kh Investment Partner was founded to help our clients increase the likelihood of getting consistent financial success. 

We are professional clients’ independent partner in

  • Investment strategy and investment process development

  • Asset allocation and portfolio optimization

  • Risk strategy

  • Investment manager selection, evaluation and due diligence

  • Business case evaluation and due diligence

  • Family office start-up and development

  • Interim CIO and Investment Manager services

  • Next gen considerations

It is our experience that wealth management to many is a complex and difficult-to-approach task. It is very difficult for many investors to get an overview of their investment opportunities and which decisions will provide the best fit to the investment objectives. 

We assist our clients achieve their financial goals through informed and fact-based investment decisions. We only involve us in independent and tailormade investment solutions without making things complicated. 

Having spent more than a decade building up a successful single family office (buy-side) in Denmark, Kasper Herrestrup founded kh Investment Partner to inspire and bring a best practice investment approach to other professional investors who wants to professionalize their approach to wealth management.

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